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Established in 2001, Grapeworks is a leading provider of equipment, bottling and fruit handling machinery. Our complete range of flexible solutions cover winemaking and cider, spirit, beer and kombucha production.

We use our 20 years’ experience to offer expert service and advice through our servicing division with technicians who are available to install and provide ongoing support, maintenance and repair.

We are the only Australian and New Zealand distributor of Scharfenberger Europress premium grape press and processing equipment range.

As specialists in sparkling wine equipment we supply both stock and custom sparkling wine hoods, crown seals, corks and muselets. 

We’re more than a provider of premium winemaking and beverage supplies.

We’re your business partner.


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Dean Wishart
Mobile: 027 232 4410

Dean has been in the New Zealand wine industry for over 25 years.

As Sales Manager at Grapeworks NZ, he uses his technical product knowledge and winemaking experience to help customers find the best equipment and products.

Before joining Grapeworks NZ, Dean established himself as an industry expert in wine and beverage additives and processing equipment. He joined Grapeworks NZ in 2021 and brings expertise and enthusiasm to the company. He has a proven ability to manage many projects and is proud of the industry relationships he has built over the years.

He began his career at the industry’s grassroots, with his first vintage at Church Road Winery. Since then, he’s worked at a variety of wineries and has over a decade of vintages under his belt.

Dean is committed to providing honest, helpful advice to his customers. He’s excited about bringing them the latest innovations and loves being part of a growing industry.

Outside of work, he can be found playing drums with various bands, on the football field with his two sons, enjoying time with his family, or getting stuck into some DIY.

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