Europress P, T & S Large-scale Range

Standard Equipment

  • Stainless steel design
  • Fully automated digital control with 12 individually selectable programs (up to 80 pressure stages)
  • Individual programs (Crémant program, etc.)
  • Highly absorbent silencer
  • Frequency-controlled drive motor for gentle grape must processing
  • Central filling unit DN 100
  • Drive motor with clockwise and counter clockwise rotation
  • Large-volume vacuum pump (pre-blower)
  • High-capacity stainless-steel juice tray
  • Large drum doors
  • Drum doors with pneumatic control function
  • Drum doors with pneumatic sealing (model T)
  • Pomace discharge elements below the membrane for faster emptying of the press
  • Special membran fastening
  • Available filling options: swivel, interval or continuous rotation mode
  • Catwalks
  • Various juice pan systems
  • Must and pomace transport systems
  • Remote control
  • Electrically motorized

Model P: Open Press

In an open press system, one side of the press drum has very narrow conical slots. The shape and arrangement of these slots guarantees the highest juice quality and prevents the slots from clogging up.


  • Gentle pressing
  • Large filling door opening
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient pressing times due to large juice draining surface

Model T: Closed Press

In a closed press system, the press drum is equipped with hinged interior juice channels with very narrow slots. Through the outlet slots, the juice flows directly into the juice pan.


  • Gentle pressing
  • Large juice draining surface
  • Perfectly suited for must holding time and must fermentation
  • Easy to clean due to hinged or removable interior juice channels

Model S: Dual Press

As the first manufacturer of grape presses to offer a dual press system, which combines the advantages of an open and closed system. Thus, the grape-pressing process can either take place in an open or closed system – depending on your needs.

The juice channels mounted on the press drum exterior can be mounted or disassembled in just a few simple steps, thus providing for long-time flexibility of the chosen press system.


  • The system combines the advantages of an open and closed system.
  • The exterior juice channels can be easily removed
  • Long-term flexibility of the press system
  • Easy to clean